Generating Thought

We are just a few days away from the start of the Fall 2011 quarter. My current level of excitement: 10.

In the last couple of days I have given plenty of thought to my short and long term goals while at Cal Poly. Many ideas and questions have come up while reading many of the forums over at Archinect. If you haven’t already, you should definitely read some of the discussions going on. While the general outlook on the architectural profession is often negative, mainly because of the current economy, there are plenty of good questions raised regarding the future of architecture and the changing academic environment.

Here are some thoughts and questions I have considered:

What are some of the skills I expect to learn while in school?

What kind of work do I expect to undertake after graduation?

Is my definition of the profession fixed or am I open to revaluating what means to be an architect in the 21st century?

How important is the size of a salary? What is a fair salary?

What unique aspects of architecture do I enjoy?

Obviously most of these questions can’t be answered by just reading and attending school or architecture forums. Many answers will come, if at all, during the span of my academic development and some later on in my career. However, after reading and taking some of the advice from other people and sources in my life, along with the Archinect forums, I think I will make the most of this upcoming experience by having an open mind and willingness to transform my definition and application of architecture.



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