And so it begins…

This is my new home

The Fall quarter is in full swing and you can sense the excitement and confusion in the air. Last week was mainly filled with introductions, project deadlines and syllabus after syllabus. After having a weekend to read through what is expected of us and going out to drop some serious cash on supplies, everyone returned today for the first full session of studio.

Our first project consists of manipulating the components of a plan and section from a room in our house based on a series of made-up rules. The hope is to create a new space/volume based on the shifting, rotating and expanding of lines and planes along the x,y and z axis. I honestly think everyone in the studio is a bit lost. I’m still trying to make sense of this assignment and how exactly to begin, but hopefully once I begin modeling the project in Google SketchUp I will have a better idea of where to go.


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